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Cool Living at Coconut Grove Residences

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A major perk of choosing Fort Lauderdale real estate is the fact that you can choose an inland property just as much as you could one that overlooks a bay or the ocean.  If you’re interested in the latter and consider yourself a frequent beachgoer, you may want to take a look the Coconut Grove Residences condominium.

The primary highlight of Coconut Grove Residences may be the pathway that leads directly to the sunny sands of Fort Lauderdale Beach but we can’t go on without giving you a taste of the actual Fort Lauderdale condos inside the building.  Some of the features you’ll find include walk-in closets, marble vanities, glass railed balconies that look out onto the ocean, European kitchen cabinetry, “Smart Building” technology and much more.

Just north of Coconut Grove Residences is South Beach Park while the Broward Convention Center is to the southwest, two spots you can visit while remaining near your home should you choose to live in this condo.


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